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"In the near future, it is impossible to avoid a decrease in the number of visitors in shopping malls. This is confirmed by data provided by inquiry, which says that 64% of those surveyed are afraid of crowds and large clusters of people, and 40% do not plan to visit a commercial facility any time soon. In this situation, every customer is at a premium", said Wiszowata-Łazarz during the webinar "Disconnect to Reconnect, which is about the retail market in a new reality".

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Sesame full of treasures

The new NEPI Rockcastle loyalty program ( provided by manufacturer Blovly ) rewards those shopping mall customers who shop regularly in selected malls and also enjoy all sorts of services and entertainment. It will also be appreciated by those for whom convenience and time savings count – now, when planning a visit to the gallery so as to get the most things done in one place, they will receive an additional bonus in the form of points exchanged for gifts: useful accessories, small household appliances, vouchers for services (e.g. hairdressing, laundry, catering), cinema tickets or gift cards for salons. Points collection takes place in the SEZAM mobile app, available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.

Click, download, gain

The advantage and great innovation of this solution is above all speed and a minimum of effort for customers. In an easy and intuitive way, the user records receipts, which are immediately converted into points. As a result, you can immediately receive instant gratuifications or collect points for much more valuable rewards from the premium pool. SEZAM is an application designed for everyone, regardless of the wealth of the wallet. Everyone – student, senior or entrepreneur, woman or man will find something for themselves in the loyalty program.

How does it work?It's easy to earn points in the SESAME loyalty program. The application downloaded to your phone must be installed, choose from the drop-down list the name of the shopping mall where you want to shop and we can already start completing points. Currently, this possibility is available to customers of the gallery: Platan, Pogoria, Bonarka, Focus Mall Zielona Góra, Focus Mall Piotrków Trybunalski, as well as The Volomin Gallery, Alfa Bialystok and CH Solaris Center.The SEZAM app will convert each dollar spent by the user into points, provided that a receipt confirming the transaction is registered after the in-app purchases have been completed. Thanks to the latest technology used, it is simple and does not require integration with tenants' cash register systems, because the receipt is scanned with a scanner integrated into the application, which acts as a camera. The in-app catalogue presents a prize pool, which is also a kind of advertisement for tenants' offers, and the app tells you how many points you need to collect to claim your dream reward. Thanks to this solution, the user can decide in advance which prize will be most satisfying for him – whether he decides on small pleasures, such as coffee, or allocates points for a larger gift. It is worth mentioning that in the catalogue of awards there will be not only products and services available from tenants of centers, but also with partners with whom the centers cooperate – eg in Alfa Centrum customers will be able to exchange points for invitations to the Dramatic Theatre them. Al. Hungarian or double stay at hotel Cristal in Bialystok.

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