Privacy policy conducted Sp. z o.o.

This site is intended to inform you about how we process your personal data and what rights you have in this regard.

Who is the controller of your data: sp. z o.o. Wyrzyska 9 Warsaw,
If you have any questions about our processing of your data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at:

The need to process your personal data

We only need your email to send you personalised offers and discounts. We use the so-called “profiling”. We only act on the basis of your consent. In order to implement security measures, we also store your IP, cookie and fingerprint of the device on which you logged in to us. All the data we collect and the purpose of processing it.

– [Name] personalised communication
– [E-mail] basic contact, in particular for the purpose of sending interesting, personalised offers
– [Phone] backup contact (especially in case of problems with the reception of surprises) and for the purpose o[cookie]f security
– [Password] security
– [IP] to detect fraud
– [device fingerprint] to detect fraud
– [purchase history from receipt] to send surprises and match offers
– [age] behavioural targeting of offers
– [gender] behavioural targeting of offers
– [zip codes] behavioural targeting of offers
– [address] to send prizes and surprises
– [FB profile] behavioural targeting of offers
– [Instagram profile] behavioural targeting of offers
– [answers for questions] behavioural targeting of offers

– [user behaviour on websites and on application] behavioural targeting

Transfer of data:
The data is only transferred to our partners if you give your separate consent each time. In addition, the data is processed on Microsoft, Google and Amazon servers. We do not transfer your data outside the EU

Expected retention period:

We will retain and process your personal data until you withdraw your consent.

Your rights:

You always have the right to access the data, you may want to rectify it. You can also always object to our processing of your data and withdraw your consent. You can lodge a complaint against our conduct with the President of the Data Protection Office. Providing data by you is not due to any legal obligation – it is voluntary.

Removal of the personal data

In accordance with the European Union Law, you have the right to request to remove your personal data. To do that please enter “My account” (“Moje konto” in Polish version) and press the button “Delete account” (“Usuń konto” in Polish version). You will be asked for confirmation.

The data will be removed from the system instantaneously but:

  • it will be removed from our encrypted backups in 2 to 3 weeks
  • it might be kept as a secure encrypted archive in cases when the law obliges us to keep it (for example in case of some lawsuits)

The request to remove the data also means that you withdraw your consent to process it.

Links to other sites:

Our program contains links to external offers. We only recommend verified partners, but we have no influence on changes to these sites or their privacy policies.

Children’s privacy:

The Services are not intended for persons under the age of 18. We do not process personal data of such persons. If we discover that you are under the age of 18, we will promptly delete your account by sending you the relevant information. If you are a parent, please contact us.

Changes to privacy policy:

Sometimes, mainly due to regulations, we may change our privacy policy. We will inform you by email of any changes.

Contact us:

If you have any doubts about the processing of your personal data, please contact us: