Our loyalty program in shopping malls with PRCH award Sesame is a unique motivational and loyalty program, all functionality of which is based on a simple and intuitive mobile application. It is available free of charge on google play online stores and the App Store. The

Loyalty program for cities

More than half of city dwellers want better communication with the authorities 04.11.2020 | Lightscape, New Urban loyalty programs can help According to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), more than 50% of residents would like to have more access to digital platforms through which they can

Marketing After COVID-19

The second quarter of the year was a major challenge for many stores and retail chains, which almost overnight lost their customers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it's time to rebuild your lost position, where data from receipts can help. Blovly, based

Interview with the CEO

What makes your solution possible? Let me start with a brief introduction to give you an overview of the market in which we operate. Over the past few years, loyalty to brands and places has been increasingly built by building customer relationships and better service (including

Loyalty program in shopping malls

"In the near future, it is impossible to avoid a decrease in the number of visitors in shopping malls. This is confirmed by data provided by inquiry, which says that 64% of those surveyed are afraid of crowds and large clusters of people, and 40%