Show what makes you different

Customers most often evaluate offers in just a few seconds , randomly jumping their eyes across sentences, often omitting important issues.

Therefore, the most successful companies are with clear so-called unique features of the offer (UVP) that distinguish it from the competition. In order to increase the chance of a purchase many times over, a very effective solution is to reward the client for spending a little longer on your website and getting to know what makes you different.

Listen to your customers

Did you know that only 3% of customer comments and needs reach the manager?

Most customers do not even mention them to the service, but start buying from the competition. Usually, the service staff does not provide any comments to the manager. We provide an extremely effective loyalty program for both online and stationary stores as well as B2B activities, in which we also reward customers for sending comments and suggestions for changes. Customers will feel appreciated when you ask them for their opinion

Deploy the referral program 

Satisfied customers will be happy to recommend your business, especially when they get discounts for it.

In the era of ubiquitous empty advertising declarations, recommendations are the most effective form of promotion. Thanks to our solution, you will automatically reward customers who will distribute discounts to their friends and bring new people.

Take advantage of virality 

We motivate customers to share content related to your brand on social media

These can be photos of how the customer uses the product, the effect of the service as well as information about special actions, curiosities, etc. Customers will create beautiful, credible content themselves – photos, descriptions and opinions that you can use in your materials. Additionally, on average, each of your clients has approx. 200 friends on Facebook and Instagram – use it.

Let yourself be found 

Blovly is a new social networking site dedicated exclusively to brands and consumers.

A rapidly growing community of over 100,000 committed consumers is looking for companies for which customer satisfaction is the most important . Thanks to many built-in functionalities, such as the referral program, loyalty program, providing comments from customers, adding opinions, publishing promotions and other tools, you will achieve spectacular results.

Join your business in the fastest growing community of engaged consumers.

Increase your revenue instantly.