Customer Satisfaction Program

Show customers that their opinion
is most important to you


Listen to your customers

Did you know that 97% of customer comments and needs do not reach the manager?

Most customers do not even mention the problems to the service but start buying from the competition. The staff usually does not provide comments to the manager, causing huge losses. Our solution rewards customers for submitting comments and proposals for changes. In addition, customers will feel appreciated when you ask their opinion, in an attractive way.

Reward customers for submitting comments and suggestions for improvements in the offer and service

How does it work?

We add an icon with a satisfaction survey to your website and fanpage.

After clicking, the customer gets the opportunity to complete the survey. For its completion, the customer gets a small surprise – a gift and a chance for a big win. We spend over USD 15,000 a month on prizes, but you pay only a small subscription. All answers go only to you in the form of a report, and you can contact dissatisfied customers directly avoiding public, negative evaluations.

Find out immediately if something is wrong
before customers start buying
somewhere else

Gifts included

In the subscription price, there are hundreds of gifts from which the user can choose.

After completing the satisfaction survey, the customer receives a small surprise – a choice of ebooks, music, phone game, etc. In addition, each completion of the survey is a chance for a big win (in total, we spend approx. 15 thousand USD). We manage prizes, regulations, and personal data in the subscription price. You can also set your own rewards at any time.

Full automation, without employee training

Implementation in 5 min

Free 30 days of testing
Then USD 39 149 per month including prizes*
Opt out at any time

* The total prize pool for all clients of the companies we serve is USD 15,000 per month