Upload photos of receipts,
and we will suggest discounts from newspapers

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Additional benefits of Blovly

1. Earn loyalty points:

– Upload receipts for products and services of your favorite brands or places. (any, including invoices from online stores)

– Get involved in their development, send comments, answer questions, recommend content on FB and give discounts to friends.

2. Receive surprises

We will show brands that you love them, and they will give back, for example, their products and discounts, and places e.g. free coffee.

– Sweepstakes, contests, party tickets, access to closed content, vouchers, discounts and more.

3. Take advantage of our AI:

– AInako is your personal purchasing assistant that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI)

– It will match the most interesting discounts and offers from thousands of available (also newspapers). Just start sending pictures of your receipts.

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