The most effective recommendation program

With our solution 10 satisfied customers

will invite an average of 6 new

First: Listen and appreciate your customers

Did you know that only 3% of customer comments reach the manager? Most customers don’t even mention them, they just start buying from competitors. The service also usually does not provide comments to the manager.

We provide an extremely effective loyalty program for both online, physical and B2B stores, in which we reward customers additionally for submitting comments and proposals for changes. Customers will feel appreciated as you ask them for their opinion.

Only then: Do the recommended program

Satisfied customers are very happy to recommend your business, especially when they get discounts for it. In an age of ubiquitous empty advertising declarations, recommendations are the most effective form of promotion.

With our solution, you will automatically compensate customers who give discounts to their friends and bring new people.

Additionally: Take advantage of social media virality

We motivate customers to share interesting content related to your brand on social media. These can be photos of how the customer uses the product, the effect of the service, as well as information about special actions, trivia, etc.

On average, each of your customers has about 10 000 customers. 200 friends on Facebook and Instagram – use it.

Join your business to the fastest growing community of committed consumers.

Increase revenue instantly.